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Free Membership - Monthly Drawing

During each month, we will be promoting a free membership event. Around the 15th of the month our panel of Art Community judges will evaluate all submissions, to judge your art work. 

All we require from you, is to submit (via the email link on this page), your web site address, and geographic location. If you currently don't have a web site, enter the contest, as we will provide a "Free" means for you to establish your first web site, if awarded the free membership.
If you don't have a web site (for us to review your art works) please send a brief bio/profile and at least 4 photos of your art work to the email access point at the bottom of this page. When you send your email please "Embed" your photo's in the email, as our servers delete all email attachments. The reason for this request is to prevent people sending bogus emails with virus's embedded in their attachments.

The number of "Monthly" free memberships will be based upon the number of entries submitted. Our only request is that all recipients of those awarded the free memberships,  provide a link on their web sites, to our art community web site.

NOTE: Only one submission per registered web site domain name.

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