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Zaya was born June 5, 1975 in Bayan Khongor, Mongolia.  In 2002 he graduated from the Institute of Fine Art at the Mongolian University of Culture and Art in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia with a bachelor’s degree in fine art.
Despite his youth, this gifted artist has already had two exhibitions of his work in Japan, one in Korea, and three in Mongolia.  In 2000 he had his first exhibition in the German Embassy, followed by an exhibition at the Museum of National Art History of Mongolia.  His most recent show was in Tokyo in 2002. 

He works in the traditional style of Mongolian painting, using watercolor and ink on rice paper and canvas.  He depicts mostly warriors, but also draws on traditional themes of dramatic landscape and graceful animals.

Zaya's art works are currently being exhibited at  in Sausalito California USA.


2002 - Graduated from the Institute of Fine Art at the Mongolian University of Culture and Art

1997 - Graduated from Soyol Fine Art College, Mongolia

Exhibitions and Art Shows

2006 - Began exclusive contract with Galerie Elektra, Sausalito, CA

2003 - “The Mongolian Artist Exhibition” London, England

2002 - “The Exhibition of Mongolian Art” Tokyo, Japan

2001 - Solo exhibition at the German embassy in Mongolia

1999-2000 - Solo exhibitions in Mongolia

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