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Linda Larsen - Plein Air Landscape Artist

Growing up in Mill Valley, I spent many an afternoon exploring the hills and forests of Marin County. In my early adulthood,

I moved to Canada, living in a number of its provinces ?British Columbia, Nova Scotia and Quebec, attending classes in drawing and painting. 

The abundant variety of Canadian regional landscape taught me a profound appreciation for the vast beauty and wildness of nature.

After returning to California, I became captivated by landscape painting. The natural landscape became the subject of my paintings, my artists model, muse and teacher. The consistent theme running through my varied landscapes is the play of color. The shifting light and atmosphere of nature give me endless possibilities of exploring color's dynamics. Landscape painting gives me the opportunity to indulge my love of the outdoors and my need to respond, with paint or pencil, to the beauty and mystery of life.

Working in a studio setting, now at ICB in Sausalito and previously at Smith Ranch Studios in Terra Linda, has enabled me to work larger than the size limits imposed by working outdoors and to explore an increasingly more personal approach to my painting or pastel subjects. I look forward to further artistic growth.

I invite you to visit my studio, for more information access:
Sausalito Artists Open Studios



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